Percussion Drilling In Mining

Percussion Drilling
Percussion drilling equipment usually use in mining. This Mining equipment use for exploration or to took sampling in mining exploration area. This equipment have advantage. It is very easy to used and moved.
Bellow is description about one of many type Percussion Drilling (
If drilling has to be executed in hard soils, possible containing layers of rubble and/or stones usually percussion drilling is applied. In case of percussion drilling the percussion gouges, fitted with a hardened cutting head, are driven into the soil using a percussion hammer. By executing this procedure step-wise the introduction and extraction of the gouges is simplified and contamination is avoided as much as possible. Samples taken applying percussion drilling suffer minimal disturbance. A dense sample grid is possible in relatively short time due to fast and simple sampling. Ergonomic operation is improved as 1.0 m extension rods as well as 0.5 m extension rods are available. The percussion gouge also penetrates rubble and thus can be deployed on dump sites or in urban areas. The percussion gouges can be used above as well as under the groundwater level. The percussion gouge can also be used for manual bailer boring drilling in order to penetrate a rubble layer. Percussion drilling for instance is applied for research on soil pollution, grain size distribution, general soil classification, profile descriptions, etc. A percussion drilling installation is a complete and many sided sampling system for sampling up to a depth of between 5 to 10 meter in almost all (not too) hard types of soil. In concrete or road decks and slabs holes are normally drilled by a diamond saw company prior to percussion drilling.

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