Why is the TOEFL test changing?

To measure the ability to communicate successfully in an academic setting
The new test will better measure what colleges and universities need to know: a prospective student’s
ability to use English in an academic setting. The new Speaking section evaluates a person’s ability to
use spoken English, and the new integrated Writing and Speaking tasks measure the ability to combine
information from more than one source and communicate about it.
To refl ect how language is really used
The new integrated tasks that combine more than one skill are designed to refl ect how we really use
language. By preparing for the new TOEFL test, students will be building the skills they need in order
to use language in an academic setting and communicate with confi dence.
To keep up with the best practices in language learning and teaching
In the past, language learning focused on learning about the language (especially grammar), and
students would receive high scores on tests without necessarily having the ability to communicate.
Now teachers and learners understand the importance of learning to use English to communicate,
and activities that focus on communication and integrating (combining) skills are very popular in
many English language programs.

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