Playstation Tips ( Harvestmoon Back to Nature )

Power Berries are essential if you are aiming for a high percentage in BTN. There are 10 of them, below are where to get them!
1.Try to cut down the tree on Mother's Hill(past the lake and over the bridge). It will talk to you, and give you a choice whether to continue cutting or stop, say stop and you'll get a PB.
2.Mine in the mine behind the waterfall, you'll eventually get a PB.
3.Mine in the Winter Mine, you'll eventually get a PB.
4.Win the Swimming Festival in the summer.
5.Throw five items(one per day) into the Goddess Pond(stand where behind the waterfall to throw things in) and she'll give you a PB.
6.In the Winter, go behind and to the left of the mine. Press X and walk around (against the wall you can't see) and you'll find one!
7.Buy one off of the TV Shopping Network after you have bought all the kitchen utensils.
8.Buy one at the Horse Race.(Manage to win 1000 medals of course)
9.Fish in the Ocean and eventually you'll get a Power Berry!
10.In the Winter mine down to the bottom of the Winter Mine. Go into the cavern with the pond and start fishing, you'll eventually get a Power Berry.
11.Plant more than 90 flowers on your farm, and when Anna comes by(when they bloom) tell her she can have as many as she wants. She'll give you a Power Berry.

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