Mine Water Inflow Quantities

Mine water (sump)

Correct estimation of the ground water inflow quantity to the mine workings is of great importance in the design of the pumping systems. The factors affecting the mine water inflow to a mine are the hydrogeology of the rock surrounding the mining excavations, mine geometry, aquifer characterisitcs, ground water level, mining depths and structural discontinuities which will formulate flow channels of water to the mine workings. The quantity of water which can enter a mine workings can be attributed to surface hydrology, size and shape of source of water, recharge area and hydraulic characteristics of the intervening strata between the source of water and mine workings.

The source of water may be:

- surface accumulations such as lakes, rivers, seas, oceans,

- aquifers open or confined,

- bed separation cavities,

- solution cavities,

- old mine workings.

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