Metal ore mines (surface mining or underground mining)

Metal ore mines are found in both surface mining and underground mining, depending on where the ore deposit is located. so, we can choose that methode which can suitable with that located. In addition to strip mining, surface ore mines also use the open-pit mining technique. This technique the most used for extraction mineral. This technique usually make a big holes in the ground that are mined by blasting rock from the sides and bottom with explosives, carrying out the broken up material in trucks, and then repeating the process. Open pit mines can develop to be hundreds of feet deep and several miles wide.

If metal ores can’t extracted by that technique, we can use Underground mining methods. Underground mining of ore is less common, typically only happening when rich veins of ore are discovered or mineral prices are high enough to justify the added expense. So, Underground mining the last choise for take that deposit. Underground mining have a big risk for the employee but less impact to the environment.

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