Gold Mining Equipment (Panning)

Gold is a chemical substance element with the symbol Au (Latin: aurum) and an atomic number of 79. It has been a highly sought-after precious metal in jewelry, in sculpture, and for decoration since the beginning of recorded history. The metal occurs as nuggets or grains in rocks, in veins and in alluvial deposits

Gold Mining is a great way to have fun in the great outdoors. A development number of hobbyists are looking for gold mining equipment to support their recreational gold mining activities. For these hobbyists, there is no greater excitement than searching for fragment of gold, just like the followers of the original gold rush back in the 1800s.

Gold Mining Instruments

There are some simple gold mining instruments that are essential for any gold miner to have. Practice makes perfect with these instruments, and some are easier to learn how to use than others. We advise opening with gold panning, as this is by far the easiest way to have acquainted with the process.

Gold Panning Supplies

Gold panning is the easiest way to looking for gold fragment. It is the most used for searching or looking for gold. It takes a bit of patience and a few simple tools, but it is still a very effective way to find small amounts of gold in streambeds. What you'll need for find the gold ?

• Gold Pan-to filter down to the gold.
• Finishing pan--smaller pan to do the finer filtering.
• Trowel and small pick-to dig up stream bed material.
• Magnet-Gold is not magnetic, so you can magnetically remove magnetic sands.
• Tweezers-for plucking out gold particles
• Snuffer Bottle--Used for "sucking" gold particles out of pan.
• Funnel - Aids in transferring rich sands into sample bottle
• Sample Bottle - A big mouth helps with the transfer, also plastic is safer and won't break.
• Magnifying Glass-to zoom in on sand particles.
• Classifiers, screens, sieves-these are optional, they can help with the filtering process.

Sluice Boxes

Sluice boxes let the flow do that for you! A very simple sluice box can greatly increase your productivity because you can process more material. Serious prospectors may want to use a gas powered sluice, which ups your productivity even more.

Metal Detectors

Metal detectors can help you to find located gold fragment. To be effective with this method, you need to know how to use this equipment, you also need to know how and where to look. If you can do that it make this job easier

Suction Dredging Equipment

A Suction Dredge is for the more serious gold miners. It is like a powerful, underwater vacuum with a gold recovery system gloating on the surface of the water.

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