Gemstone in Pakistan (mining equipment)

SKARDU, Gilgit and ASTORE some mountain areas of Pakistan, in that area have various minerals and precious stones. Gemstones and minerals have been produced in this mountainous region of Pakistan for nearly 40 years.These places are famous as geologically concerned places, and they provide a great advantage for the prospectors and gemologists to search for mineral deposits and stone with more rock influence.

Mountainous regions are geologically active areas that expose a greater amount of rock outcrops and give prospectors an advantage in locating gem and mineral deposits. They also give rise to numerous logistical problems, some of which are extreme.

The government of Pakistan would like to lease all its gem deposits to corporations and take the production of the hands of the locals. Local deposits are believed to be suitable for corporations of company, but the pegmatitic deposits must remain in the hands of the local villagers who presently operate these mostly inaccessible and unpredictable deposits. In some areas, there were well-organized miners’ connections, while in others there was smaller organization, and in still others the locals had no idea what was being mined in their own backyard.

These mountains (SKARDU, Gilgit and ASTORE) are blessed with various types of precious stones, but the sad fact is that this abundant treasure hidden wealth is not fully used for many types of political, social and financial issues. The biggest obstacle in this regard are the lack of investment companies, carelessness, lack of modern equipment for mining and skilled labor is very important

These many types of minerals and precious stones of the areas of the country, deprived of the latest mining equipment, engineering expertise and the usual safety. Currently, the Chinese had a rock drill which is used in most of the miners to the surface mining, as well as the subway.

Without proper ventilating system, miners were frequently forced to stop work if they can not light a melting more due to air pollution and lack of oxygen. There are 40,000 people working as miners in the northern areas of Pakistan, and most of them were found with lung diseases that happen due to carbon monoxide poisoning and silicosis. But the majority of deaths happen due to burial in falls or fall of the rock, and it shows that safety standards are also needed to be improved for avoid this event

There are no limited personnel who can provide first aid in case of certain emergencies. Most of the time, miners could be seen climbing the mountain without climbing techniques, as they do not have the proper climbing equipment. Most of them are also not aware of extreme mountain climbing techniques.

These miners not only with the help of the old drilling equipment, but they are also not fully aware of the recent blasting and drilling technologies, and there is an urgent need to improve these methods. According to some reports, the miners are frequently similar to the activity of one to three holes in one round, and they can not do more than 30cm tunnel a day for most of the time.

In this they were able to drill only 45cm deep holes, and gasoline used by exercise, which is regarded as an appropriate activity for drilling vertical holes, and it is often not suitable for horizontal drilling. Shahterov must use the proper drilling of the structure and it can be very useful if they are drill horizontally than vertically.

Pakistan can be a leader in the gemstone industry in the region, if proper care is given to improving mining techniques and equipment.

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