Gold panning technique

Why we used Gold panning technique ?

Panning is one of the best method of separating gold from rock. Panning gold is the easiest way to looking for gold nuggets. Panning gold is very simple, once you realize that you are doing the same thing that the river does when it causes deposit during flood storms and gold to concentrate. But this technique can’t commercially viable for extracting gold from large deposits, except where labor costs are very low gold traces are very substantial. This technique used to evaluate for commercial viability. If that located have a big deposit we can used another method for extraction that mineral. Another method such as cradling, dry blowing, shaft mining, Puddling and dredging can use for gold mining
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Story of This Technique

Gold panning techniques are centuries old. This technique was introduced by Isaac Humphrey at Coloma in 1848. However, the Mexicans may have beaten Humphrey to the punch as they also had developed the skills in their own country, using a flat dish called a batea. Gold panning was slow even for most skillful miner. In a single day, one miner was able to wash only 50 pans in 12 hour workday and obtain only a little amount of gold dust.This Technique was the most popular method of mining on the goldfields. The material was loosened with pick and shovel. After it had been broken down, this material was taken by wheelbarrow to a creek where it was carefully washed and swished around a shallow metal pan and then water separated the particles of dirt, pebbles and rock. so, the little deposits of gold sank to the bottom of the pan. This was successful for resulting little nuggets. A persistent prospector could get a substantial amount of gold over time.

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