Surface Mining Method

Surface mining usually include the area, auger, and contour. In coal mining method, usually area mines are surface mines that remove shallow coal over wide areas, where land is relatively flat. Huge dragline shovels commonly remove the overlying rocks of the coal (called overburden). Once the coal has been removed, the rock is placed back into the pit. Contour mines are surface mines, the mine coal in steep, hilly or mountainous terrain. Klin rock is
removed, along with coal to the surface on the side of a hill, forming a bench at the level of the coal. After coal is removed, the overburden is placed back on the bench to back up the hill to its natural slope. Mountaintop removal mines special area mines, which used several thick coal seams happen near the tops of mountains. Large volumes of stripping is removed from the top of the mountain, and the material used to fill in the valleys near the mine. No mines are operated on a surface mine benches (before they are closed), and coal toward a hill that can not be achieved by the contour extraction drilled (or serve) from. Drift, contour, mountaintop removal, and no mining is more prevalent in Eastern Kentucky coal field, and area, slope, and the mining pits are more common in western Kentucky coal fields.

In Other Means

Surface mining of the type of the mountain where the soil and rocks covering the minerals are removed. It is the opposite of underground mining method in which the overlying rock left in place, and the mineral removed through shafts or tunnels.

Surface mining is commonly used in mineral deposits on rock located close to the surface, where the OB (Overburden) is comparatively thin or the material of interest structurally unsuitable for tunneling (as regular in the case of ash, sand and gravel). Where minerals happen deep under the surface, where an overly thick or the mineral occurs in veins of hard-rock underground mining methods are used for the extraction of material value. The surface mines, as a rule, or extend to the mineral deposits are exhausted, or the cost of removal of large amounts of stripping makes further mining uneconomic.

In familiar forms of surface mining, heavy equipment in mining such as, earthmovers, first remove the overburden - the soil and rocks above the deposit. Further, the large machines, such as dragline excavators for extract minerals.

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